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Driftwood Goods - Australian homewares brand that tells a story.

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Driftwood Goods

Australian homewares brand that tells a story.

Film maker, Actor, Photographer, Podcast journalist and creative polymath - John Teague is the founder of Driftwood Goods.

Launching June 2019, DG will release its flagship candle wares range exclusively on the store.

In November 2018, John returned home from filming in King Island, a day in Melbourne began with before dawn. John was in the carpark at Bells Beach,Torquay post surf, getting changed during dusk.

John was approached by a gentleman with a thick accent. John instantly recognized it as coming from Brooklyn from his time living in New York, where he studied acting at the The Neighborhood Playhouse.

Eager to share a story, the New Yorker, Lipa Zicherman, went on to share his excitement of being a tourist in Melbourne and his enjoyment of the experience at a boutique Melbourne market. He fell in love with the products of a local artisan and candle maker both creatively and from a business perspective. Lipa had a dream. Lipa and his fellow New Yorker and business partner Alexia Theodorakis partnered with John to pursue this dream.

Four months later after much research, development of the formulas and fragrances and creative collaboration with highly respected Surfcoast based artist Sophie Illustrates (@sophieillustrates__), the range is about to be released. Affordably priced starting at $39.95 these candles will be accessible and will appeal to everyone.

Each DG range and DG homewares product will continue to collaborate with different artists and artisans from around the world.

If the artistry and story behind every Driftwood Goods handcrafted product wasn’t enough, DG also has a mission to always give back. As a surfer, John knows the importance of protecting our environment, and for this range release will align with Sea Shepherd (website) to donate 5% of revenue to their ongoing “mission to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans and to conserve and protect ecosystems and species

Stories - Global - Artisan - Handmade - Quality - Affordable - Creative - Philanthropic…

Why wouldn’t you support Driftwood Goods and enjoy arousing your senses? The flagship range candles come in Vanilla & Caramel, Melbourne coffee, Australian bush, Lemongrass and Middle Eastern Lime fragrances.

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